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Safari in Southern Africa

Africa is a beautiful, vast and majestic part of the earth.  However, southern Africa is an especially beautiful part of this great continent.  There are two countries in this part of the world that are wildlife havens and make for perfect destinations for tourists intending on enjoying an "African safari".  These two wildlife safari destinations are: South Africa, the country of the great Nelson Mandela.  Then, directly north is the other safari nation; Zimbabwe. 

Within these two southern African nations live the Africa's big five wildlife (the African lion, the African elephant, the black and white rhino, the leopard and the Cape buffalo). Also, within these two great nations of southern Africa lies great natural spectacle's such as Zimbabwe's Victoria Falls (one of the seven natural wonders of the world) South Africa's Table Mountain.  This article shall briefly describe the wonderful and exciting places that guests who choose to visit any of these two southern African countries on safari have to look forward to.

The first country that any tourist should visit if they ever had the opportunity to travel to Africa is Zimbabwe.  Zimbabwe has all the necessary ingredients to make the perfect recipe to satisfy any tourists hunger to experience "the true Africa".  From awe-inspiring natural spectacles of beauty, to diverse and abundant wildlife, Zimbabwe has it all.  The most popular destination in Zimbabwe is obviously the Victoria Falls.  It deserves its title as one of the seven natural wonders of the world.  It is huge, magnificent and spectacular.  However, it is far from the only place of natural beauty in the magnificent country.  There is also "the Matopos Hills".  This place is a UNESCO world heritage destination.  It has the largest concentration of leopards on earth.  Zimbabwe hosted the hosted the 2013 United Nations World Tourism Organisation.  In preparation for this event, the country opened the Bulawayo International Airport.  This is usually the entrance airport for people entering the country for safari.

The second country is South Africa.  Besides being popular for being the home of one of the world's true great leaders, "Nelson Mandela" , South Africa is also a truly a great safari destination.  Many wildlife documentaries are shot in this country.  South Africa has many private and national parks.  The most famous of these parks is the Kruger national park.  This is a land of thousands of square kilometers of raw and untamed diverse wildlife in abundance.  Not only can one enjoy the company of the wildlife on land, in South Africa, the ocean has unique wildlife viewing opportunity.  The oceans off the coast of Cape Town are home to the great white shark.  Guests enjoy some of the best cage diving experiences on earth.

Zimbabwe and South Africa are two great destinations in Africa to visit the African safari packages.  There are many places to visit and activities to do.