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Amazing Skiing Destinations In India

Snow and adrenaline rush is an addictive combination. That is why several travellers plan the skiing holidays in India. Skiing is not the most popular adventure sport in India. There is no surprise that it is not part of all group tour packages to Kashmir or Himachal Pradesh. But one thing is certain. You cannot enjoy the true spirit of Gulmarg holiday or Ladakh tour packages without this a skiing adventure.  Therefore, consider the following fascinating skiing destinations for holidays in India.


Ladakh; Jammu & Kashmir:

 Jammu and Kashmir is a perfect destination for several group tour packages. You can feel the vibe of romance in Srinagar. You can enjoy the adventure sports in Gulmarg. You can discover depth of spirituality in the pilgrimage tours. But, Ladakh tour packages are popular for three things only. Ladakh has exquisite monasteries, snow adventures and unique local culture. Ladakh tour packages have the perfect setting for snow adventures.  Due to its location at altitudes, Ladakh is one of the finest skiing destinations in India. 

SolangNala; Himachal Pradesh:

 This is a relatively unknown travel destination. But, it is part of well renowned Manali valley. When you plan holidays in India, you cannot miss out a visit to Shimla, Kullu and Manali.  Solang Nala is a gorgeous valley in the same region. You can participate in several winter games in this valley. It is ideal for several adventure sports such as skiing, skating, zorbing, paragliding, etc.

But, it is the best destination for group tour packages. This valley has sufficient infrastructure for beginners to learn skiing. Additionally, it also has challenging enough routes for experts. So, have a blast in SolangNala in this winter season.            

Auli; Uttarakhand:

 Just 250 km away from Rishikesh, this is a brilliant ski destination in India. If you are planning the skiing holiday in India, then Auli is a must visit. Since the slopes of Auli are really popular in skiing circuit, it is the brilliant skiing destination in India. Auli itinerary is much different than Ladakh tour packages. It has the clean environment and the high altitude slopes, which are just right for the skiing adventure.

Ladakh tour packages are more popular for skiing and snowboarding. But, the rest of the destinations have different and fascinating travel experiences. Kufri, Gulmarg, Pahalgam, DayaraBugyal bring such unique and diverse experiences to the platter. You must explore these amazing skiing destinations during winter.  Raise a glass to Himalayan challenge and have a wonderful time on these skiing slopes.