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An unforgettable travel to Galapagos

A couple of years ago I performed the most fantastic trip that I have done so far: a travel to Galapagos. When I was a girl I had read about the theories about the evolution of species by Charles Darwin and his trip to the Galapagos Islands. This interest led me to the study a degree on Biology and to Ecuador. And one thing is clear: my point of view about the flora and fauna that surrounds us daily changed completely.

Ecuador is a country with vestiges of pre-columbian culture but it is also highly influenced by the culture and customs of a society like the one from Spain. All this attached to the fact that the current president has completely transformed the country in economic terms, convinced me to go and soak in its culture and its people in addition to make my dream come true.


In order to organize my trip to Ecuador, I did not have to look far: with only entering the word Ecuador in the browser, I found a myriad of entries related to the country; and one of them, Ecuador Destiny, ideal for the planning of my trip.

Five types of program to be able to visit what is most interesting for you of Ecuador

Ecuador Destiny offers to its customers the opportunity to choose between five tourism programs with a multitude of activities and routes to be performed in each one of them:

  • Adventure Programs - designed for those tourists who are fond of adventure sports. You can practice climbing, the canopy, perform a kayak trip or take a dip in its waters for snorkeling or scuba diving.

  • Programs of eco-tourism – the one I chose; to be able to perform a travel to Galapagos and observe first-hand the spectacular flora and fauna of the islands, declared World Heritage Site in 1979. This type of program includes biological and geological excursions that are the delight of all those who love nature.

  • Programs of community-based tourism - do you imagine yourself visiting and sharing the daily life in the same habitat of the country's indigenous? Because with this program it is possible and the aim is to revitalize the culture of indigenous peoples.

  • Gastronomic tourism programs - gastronomic routes throughout the country to taste the traditional dishes and those that have been renovated by known Ecuadorian cooks in their efforts to publicize the Ecuadorian food to all the world.

  • Programs of agro-tourism - what we know as rural tourism; living and breathing the atmosphere and the tranquillity of the local communities in Ecuador.

I have to say that my choice was the visit to the Galapagos Islands by the interest that it had generated to me since I was a young girl; but it could have been any other program that offers this magnificent travel agency. I keep, therefore, living another great adventure in the country of the Andes.