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3 Reasons Women Travellers Love Tuscany

After the books and films "Under the Tuscan Sun" and "Eat Pray Love" came out, millions of women's bucket lists were updated to include Tuscany. Holidays here hold a special appeal for women looking for a very different kind of break away. With its leisurely pace, fascinating history and colourful culture, the region is definitely geared to appeal to a traveller's more refined side.

Here are three things Tuscany holidays offer that particularly appeal to women - although have no fear, gentlemen - there's no doubt you'll enjoy them just as much.


On the Ground

This is a region where you can truly set your own pace. From rigorous rural hikes to leisurely strolls with caf and bistro breaks, walking is one of the true pleasures of Tuscany. Holidays revolving around walking tours are very popular with travellers and can be themed to such pursuits as museum crawls, winery tours, farmhouse hikes, painting walks and more. Tours especially geared toward solo women are also readily available, making the experience more inclusive. For an authentic experience to discover the true heart and soul of Tuscany, holidays spent hiking the wonderful countryside, discovering vineyards or just wandering off the beaten path interacting with the locals are ideal.

The Taste of the Region

Food is one of the best things about this region, and it offers a bounty of gustatory pleasures. The presence of so many fresh ingredients - from fresh produce, seafood, fresh and dried grains, meats, cheeses, wine and olive oil - makes for a wonderful cuisine. Whether it's some light and tasty street food, a hearty meal at a local farmhouse, or a gourmet dinner at a small bistro or high-end restaurant, you'll never be disappointed.

You can also embark on authentic cooking lessons. Popular with women - although not strictly exclusive to them - cooking lessons bring a deeper insight and intimacy to the joy of discovering the food of the region. Classes range from just one lesson to several over a span of a few days.

Art and Artisanal

Italy is perhaps one of the world's centres of art, and nowhere is it more apparent than here. There are so many priceless masterpieces to be seen in cities like Florence and Siena, but even in the smaller towns, there is no dearth of art and craftsmanship to be seen. Take the time to explore the intricate details of historic architecture - a stroll around a town or city will yield works of art at every corner.

Even the most basic of everyday events are turned into an art form here. A visit to a traditional farmhouse will open your eyes to the artisanal life - cheese making, sausage making, wine making and olive oil pressing are just a few crafts you can witness and taste first-hand. Even if you don't get to the source, a sampling of the region's finest produce will alert you to the level of art people here put into everyday products.

You don't have to be like the women of "Eat Pray Love" or "Under the Tuscan Sun" to truly enjoy this spectacular region of Italy. But whether traveling alone or in a group, it's a place women always find magical!

About the Author

Carolyn Spinks is COO of ABTOI - The Association of British Travel Organisers to Italy. If you're looking for the perfect Tuscany holidays their LoveItaly website provides destination information, contact details of tour operator members to help you plan the best Italian holiday, 'insider' tips, year round special offers and information on everything from beach holidays in Sardinia, cycling in Sicily, to a wedding or honeymoon in Tuscany.

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