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An Introduction to Holidays in Sardinia

Holidays to Sardinia are becoming more and more popular and are often featured in the portfolio of travel companies. This beautiful island, just off the coast of mainland Italy, retains much of its original charm and offers the discerning traveller plenty to explore.

Legend has it that after he had finished creating the rest of the world God had some rocks left. He dropped them in the Mediterranean and took a little of all of the best bits of everything else he had created and sprinkled them over this rock pile; the beauty that evolved allegedly became Sardinia. If you choose one of the many holidays to Sardinia on offer, you may even begin to believe there is truth to this ancient legend.


An Introduction to the Island

With more hours of sunshine than any other part of Italy, this lovely island is a fabulous place to visit. Known to many as the 'Island of the Winds', it experiences offshore breezes in every season, which keeps the humidity at bay and provides water sport enthusiasts a haven for their favoured activities. If you choose to take holidays to Sardinia, you will experience a part of Italy that is quite unlike any other. Untouched by the influence of hordes of tourists, in fact it was almost unheard of until the 1960s.

Its existence as an island means that it was occupied by many civilisations over the centuries, including the Romans, Carthaginians, Phoenicians, Byzantines, and Tuscans (among others); each one left its mark in some form on the island's history and culture. Today the island thrives and the 1.5 million inhabitants live amidst the stunning countryside in harmony with their environment. The rugged interior, home to the seven million sheep on the island, is also dotted with historic remains, small vineyards and lots of locally grown fruit and vegetables. The coastline is equally wild, with miles of golden sand lapped by beautiful crystal clear waters.

When you take your holidays to Sardinia, you really should indulge in some of the fabulous wines produced here. Without the prestige of the mainland vintages, quality Sardinian wines are much less expensive. The produce of the island rarely makes it onto the mainland, as the quantities produced are so small that vintages only last a few months.

The island has been protected from the onslaught of mass tourism by the government, which has put strict plans in place to protect its considerable character. No new building can be put up within three kilometres of the sea and there are height restrictions of building renovations and new builds too. The hefty taxes on those owning holiday homes also help keep the island's distinct individuality and charm in tact.

Holidays to Sardinia can be taken at any time of the year, but the shoulder seasons are best if you want to avoid the crowds found in some resorts or prefer to explore in the cooler weather.

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Carolyn Spinks is COO of ABTOI - The Association of British Travel Organisers to Italy. If you're looking for the perfect holidays to Sardinia their LoveItaly website provides destination information, contact details of tour operator members to help you plan the best Italian holiday, 'insider' tips, year round special offers and information on everything from beach holidays in Sardinia, cycling in Sicily, to a wedding or honeymoon in Tuscany.

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