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The Dream Dubai Holiday Experience

Finding the perfect luxury Middle East tour is a task that many often try their hand at finding. The pursuit does not imply that you can book the best luxury Dubai holiday package and get what you hope for.  Even a nomadic backpacker from East Europe can stumble upon the perfect holiday with the right lookouts. While Dubai can look like a global destination, where each experience is confined to the Dinars in your pocket, a good Dubai holiday package can be so much more than that.  The real experience of Dubai doesn't limit itself to stellar accommodation in the world's only 7-star hotel or a glass of the finest wine.

The essence of Dubai is in its extravagance, but not in its price range. It seeps through the architecture, the size of the shopping malls and vast variety of indulgences that can be found. One of the hottest cities to relish world class cuisine, you can definitely find something for every price range. Even the lesser known gastronomic wonders Chilean dishes find a home in Dubai. Therefore, the core of a dream Dubai holiday package can be found when you don't indulge in it all. The first step, though, is to create a tailor made Dubai tour that will let you experience the crux of this city. The three primary categories of holiday available right now are as follows:


 Middle East tours are not traditionally known for the adventure and winter sports. But, this grand city epitomises the essence of true adventure. Just image any adventure sport. It will be available in Dubai.  You can go on a dune safari in the desert. You can also chase other adrenaline-pumping experiences as well like skiing, skydiving, surfing, scuba diving, skateboarding, etc. In simple words, you can enjoy any adventure sport, barring rappelling and trekking. So, plan ahead thrill seekers.


 Dubai is the most popular city for shopping in any Middle East tour. However, very few people know how immersive and ever-lasting a Dubai shopping experience can be. Most tourists know about the Dubai Mall, souks and Dubai shopping festival. But hardcore shoppers in this city can be overwhelmed by the veritable host of shopping malls and diverse types of shopping experiences available. If you take time to discover Dubai's true shopping splendour, you will never regret it.


 Burj Khalifa is a must visit. It is the tallest building in the world. It is, undoubtedly, the best way to see the Dubai skyline. However, there is more to Dubai's unique architecture than just this building. A trip to old Dubai will help take you to another world.  The historic Middle Eastern architecture in Dubai is perfectly represented by the Al Ahmadiya School, the Dubai Museum, Jumeirah Mosque and so on. You can find the perfect juxtaposition for reminiscing about the past while taking a stroll in the Shindagha district, though. The open museum in Dubai's heritage village isn't as stunning as the real deal. One of the last icons of Old Dubai; the Bastakiya district is a perfect place for morning breakfast and art shopping. 

 So, plan ahead and discover true brilliance on your next Dubai holiday package.