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Witness the beautiful Suya Lake in Henan

Suya Lake is one plain reservoir with the largest man-made reservoir area and the longest dam, which is located in Runan County in Zhumadian City in central south part of Henan Province. Later Zhumadian was established post and get its present name as a place for resting horses, since many postmen and officials rest horses here.

It could be the water conservancy hub project, is a large scale project with comprehensive functions like power generation, flood prevention, aquaculture, tourism and with the principal function of irrigation and water supply. Hometown of Shibing in Zhaoqiao village of Shuidun Town is situated on the west coast of Suya Lake, who had pastured his cattle there, caught fish and spent his worry-free childhood when he was a child.

The conservation water area of Suya Lake is about 239 square kilometers. There are more than 30 varieties of fish in the lake, such as carp, crucian carp, silver carp, catfish, etc. Suya Lake has been long reputed as an artificial Dongting Lake. The big dam from north to south on the eastern shore of the reservoir is stretching over 35 kilometers. The surface of the water at its widest point is about 15 kilometers, with the storage capacity of 820 million cubic meters.

There're about 60,000 mu of forest vegetation and 10,000 mu of reed marshes along the west bank of the lake. The dam around the lake is tens of thousands of green willows trees. It's not in south of the Yangtze River, but it's better than south of the Yangtze River. It had already been declared as one provincial-level Wetlands Nature Reserve.

After the rebuilding and completion of Suya Lake in 1989, it had the wide water surface and charming landscape. The entire lake is resounded with explosions. 3000 white egrets are soaring above the lake. Hundreds of whooper swans and young swans played at the edge of the water.

According to statistics, there're about thousands of birds building the nest all year round. There're numerous famous historical spots on the shore of Suya Lake. On the east coast of the lake is one artificial bund about one hundred li. As willows grow most easily, Suya Lake is the place where willows are planted for miles around and then when a wind blows over them, the effect of the combination is spoken of as "willow-waves."

Far in the distance lie the Suya Lake, the water and the sky merge in one color. The dazzling gleam of sunny clouds is a magnificent sight. Nearby, one sees the azure lake, slightly wrinkled in the winds and extending to the distant horizon.

The green willows and reed marshes could be the heaven for many kinds of wild animals like wild duck, with the beautiful scenery described like the poem: a lone wild duck with the sunset clouds fly; the autumn river mirrors the color of the sky. There're various famous historical spots on the shore of Suya Lake. So beautiful was she in both cultural landscape and natural scenery that people traveled from all over the world to enjoy her during China trips.