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An Interesting Account of the Historical and Cultural Specimens of St. Thomas

Are you a history buff? Do you have knack to pack your haversack and leave your home turf in search of historical remains? You will find heaven in St. Thomas Island. The St. Thomas resorts on the island of the same name are a haven for all history lovers.

The history and culture of the island are enough to attract loads of tourists to this Mediterranean land. If you are interested in the history of the place you can visit the sites mentioned below.

 Fort Christian:

The oldest building in the Virgin Islands, it houses the Virgin Islands Museum. Here you can see the maps that were made by early settlers.

Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasidim Synagogue:

Ever since its construction in 1833, this Jewish place of worship is said to be the oldest synagogue in United States of America, which has been in continuous use.

Cathedral Church:

The Cathedral Church of All Saints was built in 1848. Built of stone, the church has arched window frames with yellow brick lining. The yellow brick with which the frames were built are remnants of the days of slavery when the merchants used to leave the bricks on the waterfront to accommodate rum, sugar, mahogany and molasses in the ships.

Market Square:

An 18th century slave market, it is now a hustling and bustling produce market. If you want interesting native tales about the place, you can ask your personal butler at St. Thomas resorts. He will give you a detailed idea about the history of the place.

St. Thomas Reformed Church:

The congregation of this church is the oldest in the entire archipelago of Virgin Islands. St. Thomas Reformed Church, built sometime around 1660, was in use till early 1730s. The early services of the church were however held in Fort Christian. It was built by traders from the Netherlands and was initially named the St. Thomas Protestant Reformed Dutch Church. A new church was built on Snegle Gade, which got burnt in 1804. In 1806, the replacement was also damaged.

Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul:

Built in 1848; this stunning cathedral serves as the seat of the Territory's Roman Catholic Diocese. The walls and ceiling of the cathedral is embedded with mural paintings. Interestingly, the paintings depict over a dozen important scenes from both the Old and New Testaments.

Frederick Lutheran Church:

Built in 1793, this was the official church of West Indies during the rule of the Denmark rulers.

Synagogue of St. Thomas:

The synagogue of St. Thomas is considered one of the oldest Jewish temples in the western hemisphere. It is said that, there is hardly any architectural specimen that matches the design and craftsmanship of St. Thomas Synagogue. The Sephardic tradition of the congregation is still in complete view in the form of the floors covered with sand.

Now, that you know about the historical attractions of the island, you will not have any problem in deciding where to go and what to see. After you check in, at one of the St. Thomas resorts, take your camera and embark on a journey of historical delight.