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Some of the Special Things to be Witnessed at Kodaikanal

Neela kurinji is one of the nature's bounties which occurs every twelve years. It blooms and covers the spectacular valleys of Kodaikanal, which is a popular tourist hot spot tucked on the slopes of the upper Palani hills. It is correctly named as "Gift of the forests" which you will agree during your visit to this incredible hill station in Tamilnadu.

Even though the large scale bloom takes a span of around twelve years, one can witness casual blooms take place even at shorter spells. September is the right time to visit Kodai since the weather of this hill station becomes salubrious and it is the time to explore the surrounding hills covered with the beauty of this hill station, Kurinji flower. Planning your vacation during this period will allow one more pleasure to be witnessed and that is nothing else but the kanda sasthi festival celebrated in the palani hills. Sasthi the sixth day of full Moon which is supposed to be the favourite day of Lord Muruga, when devotees from the surrounding region start arriving here for festive celebrations having its routes in the historical events of the region.
Lord Murugan is the strong as well as more popular deity worshipped in the hills and many parts of Tamilnadu. It is believed that Lord Muruga destroyed the demon called Sura Padman on this day and hence forth sixth day of full moon was celebrated as victory of good over evil. This day is celebrated with lot of pomp and fervour throughout the state and temples in kodai are filled with a wave of devotion and an ocean of devotees, who are in a mood of celebrating this divine day. As per the traditions people bring the deity down from  hill summits to kill the demons and then a procession of victory is taken in and around the city and the deity returns back to his home on the top of the mountains. At the same time temples on the hill tops become colourful with huge crowds of pilgrims gathering to witness the rituals of sasthi. Tourists enjoy this graceful occasion by standing near the temples and on the roads from which the procession is passing.

Most of the Muruga devotees keep a fast on the day and visit temples to pay their respects to this most beloved deity. Seventh day is celebrated as the sign of marriage of Muruga with the goddess Valli in most of the hill temples. These festive days are supposed to be the best to visit kodai since this is the only time when the locals come out to join the dazzling celebrations and perform some of the auspicious ceremonies. The atmosphere becomes spiritual with the religious recitals and there is a possibility of shopping at the many small shops selling local handicrafts and other rare articles. While staying at one of the hill resorts in Kodai kanal it becomes easy to witness the festive celebrations as well as view the valleys which are blossoming with blanket of kurinji flowers.