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Kontakta oss - 24 timmar om dygnet 7 dagar i veckan

För oss är det viktigt att du som kund alltid kan nå oss, så att du kan lämna synpunkter och få svar på dina frågor. Därför har vår kundsupport aldrig stängt.

Frågor och svar

Här hittar du svar på många av de frågor som kan dyka upp när du ska hyra bil.


Kontakta kundservice via Mailformulär

Ring oss

Hittar du inte svaret på din fråga är du välkommen att ringa vår flerspråkiga (Svenska / engelska / spanska / tyska / italienska / polska / franska / norska / danska) kundservice på 08 - 446 80 252.

Vissa länder har ett eget supportnummer. I andra länder använder vi ett gemensamt nummer, och du behöver för att knappa in SAC (Service Access Code) vid uppmaning. Om det inte finns något nummer som anges för ditt land kan du kanske använda vår WebPhone, skype:www.123CarHire.eu eller använd nummer från ett av grannländerna.

Sverige 08 - 446 80 252
Albania Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Andorra Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Austria +43 12297277 (SAC *899222)
Azerbaijan Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Belarus Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Belgium +32 28888995 (SAC *899222)
Bosnia and Herzegovina Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Bulgaria +359 24917555 (SAC 009046500)
Croatia +385 18000088 (SAC *899222)
Cyprus +357 2430200 (SAC *899222)
Czech Republic +420 226253813 (SAC *899222)
Denmark +45 44400123
Estonia +372 6681881 (SAC 009046500)
Finland +358 942417755 (SAC *899222)
France +33 (0)980308500
Georgia +995 322195950
Germany +49 (0)89 721010 66222 (Cannot be called from withheld number)
Greece +30 2111768444 (SAC 009046500)
Hungary +36 (06)213804168
Iceland Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Ireland +353 14361726 (SAC *899222)
Italy +39 0692938862
iNum +883 510009046500
Kazakhstan +7 (717) 2472839 (SAC 89441)
Latvia +371 67881544 (SAC *899222)
Liechtenstein Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Lithuania +370 52596171 (SAC 89441)
Luxembourg +352 20880108 (SAC 009046500)
Macedonia Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Malta +356 27780107 (SAC 009046500)
Moldova Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Monaco Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Montenegro Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Netherlands +31 208005070 (SAC *899222)
Norway +47 21953762 (SAC *899222)
Poland +48 223821123
Portugal +35 1308800868
Romania +40 318107744 (SAC *899222)
Russia +7 4993482440
San Marino Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Serbia Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Slovakia +421 233002555 (SAC 009046500)
Slovenia +386 17774101 (SAC *899222)
Spain +34 516551032
Switzerland +41 (0)225085586
Turkey Använd WebPhone eller skype:www.123CarHire.eu
UK +44 (0)845 287 4090
Ukraine +380 443927201 (SAC 009046500)
VOIP / SIP / IP Phone sip:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype skype:www.123CarHire.eu
Utanför Europa kan du använda följande nummer:
USA +1 6465800464
Argentina +54 1152540404 (SAC *899222)
Australia +61 390880384 (SAC *899222)
Bahrain +973 16199399
Brazil +55 1130421127 (SAC *899222)
Canada +1 4169003666 (SAC *899222)
Chile +56 29381435 (SAC *899222)
Costa Rica +506 40004044 (SAC 009046500)
Dominican Republic +1 8299996366 (SAC *899222)
El Salvador +503 21131899 (SAC 009046500)
Hong Kong +852 58080177 (SAC 009046500)
iNum +883 510009046500
Israel +972 39150800 (SAC *899222)
Japan +81 645604000 (SAC *899222)
Kazakhstan +7 7273505088 (SAC 89441)
Malaysia +60 327727348
Mexico +52 5540001020 (SAC *899222)
New Zealand +64 99093600 (SAC *899222)
Panama +507 2020400 (SAC 58871)
Peru +51 17201733 (SAC *899222)
Puerto Rico +1 7873957140 (SAC 009046500)
Singapore +65 31581212 (SAC 009046500)
South Africa +27 105001866 (SAC *899222)
Thailand +66 600035450 (SAC 89441)
VOIP / SIP / IP Phone sip:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Skype skype:www.123CarHire.eu


+44 (0)207 100 6336


XOIT Business Solutions
Unit 1436
PO Box 6945
W1A 6US London
United Kingdom


You may call us directly here from our website using our new WebPhone on the right. The call is 100% web based, and it's completely free of charge.

The WebPhone requires:

  • a broadband connection
  • a headset, or microphone and speakers
  • the latest version of Chrome, Opera or Firefox

When prompted, please allow the WebPhone to access your microphone, otherwise our support rep. will not be able to hear you.

Do not close the popup window until after you have ended your call, or you will be disconnected!

What do I need to make a successful web call?

Here are two main conditions to make this experience possible:

(1) You need the latest version of Chrome, Opera or Firefox as these are the only browsers today that support this technology.

(2) You also need a working microphone and speakers, and you’ll need to make these accessible to your browser by clicking “Allow” at the top of the browser popup window when prompted (after clicking to call).

Also note: If you are using a mobile or tablet browser, the device itself needs enough computing power to handle the media stream in the browser— We find that only the latest devices can handle this.

It’s telling me to share my microphone/speakers?

Using our WebPhone requires your browser’s access to your microphone and speakers. If you are using Chrome, please be sure to check the top of your browser window for Allow—Click Allow. In Firefox, please select the small camera icon in the upper left hand corner of your browser and press “Share devices” in the dropdown.

I clicked to call on my mobile/tablet, and it’s not working?

It is possible that device doesn’t have enough computing power to run the call in the browser. Please try on a PC if you’re interested.

I clicked to call, but I hear nothing while the call is going? Sound seems broken?

Please check to see your speaker volume is audible. If your volume is up, it is possible your speakers are not working with your browser properly for this application. You can troubleshoot by checking your speaker settings in your browser. It is also possible you are experiencing a  intermittent network-related issue.

I clicked to call, but the caller can’t hear me?

It is possible your microphone is not working with your browser properly for this application.You can troubleshoot by checking your microphone settings in your browser. It is also possible you are experiencing a intermittent network-related issue.

I clicked to call and nothing happened?

Please be sure your pop-up blocker didn’t block the pop-out window.

Why is the Call us Now! button grayed out?

The button is grayed out when you are visiting a site with an unsupported browser. Please check your browser and ensure you are visiting this site in the latest version of Chrome, Opera or Firefox.