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62ºN car rental

62ºN car rental

62ºN car rental represent tree of the biggest car hire companies in the World Hertz, Europcar and Sixt - these companies have a very high demand to our car rental; age of car, upper limit for driven milage and service in general.
As 62ºN car rental costumer you are hereby secured the highest car rental standard in the Faroe Islands.

62ºN car rental operates 100 cars; Nissan, Opel, Peugeot, Citroen and Mitsubishi.

62ºN car rental has offices in Vagar Airport and in Tórshavn.

AB Car Rental Bonaire

AB Car Rental Bonaire

AB Car Rental Bonaire is an uncharacteristically personal car hire company that never fails to deliver outstanding service and high quality vehicles to Bonaire’s visitors. AB is so confident about its service and cheap rates that it guarantees the lowest prices available in Bonaire. AB can make this promise because it has pledged never to charge its customers an Airport location fee. Other car rental companies on Bonaire charge at least 10% for the service.

Accustomed to helping its customers save as much money as possible, AB promises to give a free taxi and luggage service between Bonaire International Airport and the AB Car Rental office.

AB Car Rental tries hard so its clientele can enjoy Bonaire from the moment they arrive. All customers receive a free Bonaire road map and AB Car Rental pen so they can plan their trip straight away.

The staff at AB has 25 years of experience in car rental on the sunny island of Bonaire. They are personable, hard working and committed to helping customers check-in and check-out their rental car as quick as possible. Staff members are also more than happy to answer any questions a client may have about renting a car or Bonaire in general.

Having a professional carwash team and in-house engineer allows AB to maintain its fleet of more than 200 cars at the highest quality. Every vehicle is cleaned and serviced before every rental to ensure customers have a safe and pleasant drive.

The AB Car Rental fleet has been built directly to service the needs of Bonaire’s visitors, including several vehicles that are specifically suitable to divers. These vehicles, like the Mazda B 2200 and Hyundai Tucson, have plenty of room for diving equipment plus the capability to go off-road when needed. The newly introduced LandWind Dive is the ultimate vehicle for serious divers that need to look after their equipment with extra care. The LandWind has a special built-in dive rack and an extra large trunk for storage.

Smaller cars such as the Kia Picanto seat five people and are ideal for families and visitors who wish to explore the island on land.

Customers who choose the AB full coverage plan automatically reap the benefit of 24/7 road assistance during their stay on Bonaire.

Renters with AB must be at least 20 years old with a license that has been valid for a minimum of two years. All customers with AB are given the license to roam the island as much as they see fit with unlimited miles on their rented vehicle. With this perk, AB is confident clients will be able to see the very best of Bonaire and its beautiful coastlines.

Ace rental cars

Ace Rental Cars

Ace Rental Cars is New Zealand’s biggest car hire provider, offering a range of first class cars for rent or hire at great value rates. The company specialises in one way car rentals and has currently has pick-up locations throughout the North and South Islands of New Zealand including Auckland, Wellington, Picton, Christchurch, Dunedin, Greymouth and Queenstown.

The company strives to guarantee the lowest rates for New Zealand rental cars, while still offering high standards in terms of customer service and reliable, safe vehicles.

Customer safety is paramount at Ace Rental Cars. All of Ace Rental Cars’ vehicles must meet a certain safety standard to receive a Certificate of Fitness before being allowed to take to the road. Meanwhile, all of the company’s offices are equipped with fully functioning workshops so that mechanics can service their fleet quickly and effectively.

Staff at Ace Rental Cars take pride in their friendly attitude and are renowned for being very approachable should you require directions or travel recommendations while visiting New Zealand.

Ace and the environment

Ace Tourist Rental Cars NZ is committed to doing its part to reduce its impact on the environment and people. Ace love New Zealand for the adventure playground that it is and they want to do their bit to keep New Zealand clean, green and beautiful.

ADA Location de véhicules

Ada Car Rental

Established in 1984, Ada Car Rental became the first of its kind to offer car rental and commercial vehicles at discount prices throughout France. Today, Ada Car Rental has developed into a major player in the rental car and commercial vehicle market.

With countless locations all around France, around 500 branches, Ada Car Rental sets up all around the country to appeal to holidaymakers or business travellers looking for transportation while in France.

Ada Car Rental has offices located throughout France. Whether a traveller is on holiday in Provence or attending a meeting in Paris, Ada Car Rental is there to lend the personal mobility to traverse the country.

The company’s goal speaks for itself. Ada Car Rental aims to lend the convenience in rental locations, a wealth of those locations and the best vehicles for travellers to hire while in France.

Drivers can choose from a number of vehicles in the Ada fleet including tourism style cars, utility vehicles and even electrical cars for those looking to be environmentally friendly. The company features a wealth of categories of vehicles when it comes to choosing the right wheels for a vacation or business trip in France.

In addition to providing rental locations all around France, Ada Car Rental also lends vehicles throughout French territories and nearby provinces. Travellers will also find the company in Guadeloupe, Guyana, Martinique, New Caledonia, Meeting, Mauritius, Luxembourg, Morocco, Senegal and Tunisia.

ADC Rent

ADC Car Rental

With the motto “Why should you pay more?”,  ADC Car Rental sets out to cut out the expenses their competitors pay in order to offer travellers to Vilnius the most affordable rate on cars.

Appealing to travellers and business people alike, ADC Car Rental offers just one location in Lithuania, but in a prime location, at Vilnius International Airport.

ADC Car Rental is located in Vilnius International Airport, catering to travellers arriving to Lithuania’s capital by air.

As ADC Car Rentals does not pay sky-high amounts to banks or leasing companies, the car hire company aims to lend customers the best prices for their rented wheels.

With a fleet of 18 cars, ADC Car Rental offers a small selection for travellers. However, the selection is in keeping with most travellers’ needs while in Vilnius.

ADC’s fleet of vehicles is made up of all newer models, ensuring that customers feel safe and comfortable while driving around Lithuania.

ADC Car Rental offers one pick up location at Vilnius International Airport. With an airport location, travellers can pick up their vehicles just after getting off the plane and be on their way to explore Vilnius.


addCar rental

Founded in 2005 and is now the biggest car rental company in the Baltics with offices in Finland and Sweden and partners all over the world.

The company was founded in cooperation with airBaltic has now also strong cooperation with major European airlines

addCar is part of the addGroup of travel services and operates more than 350 cars.

addCar's mission is to provide the best service with the highest degree of quality - while still maintaining the lowest cost.

Affordable Car Hire

Affordable Car Hire

Affordable Car Hire is an independent car rental broker, working alongside only the highest quality car hire companies. They strive to deliver top-notch service with affordable prices at all times. ‘Our commitment to care and dedication to quality’ is a philosophy that Affordable Car Hire lives by. This imparts an obligation to absolute excellence in the industry.

With so many companies to choose from, it is important to know that the one you select will comply with, provide and meet all of your expectations. So why book with Affordable Car Hire? They care, that is why. They pull out all the stops to ensure the process of hiring a car is as effortless, painless and enjoyable as possible.

You can book online and receive instant confirmation of your booking, alleviating any guess work and uncertainties. Affordable Car Hire is situated in over 6 500 locations worldwide and works with established car hire companies like Hertz, Avis, Budget and SIXT to name but a few. Their competitive rates are offered throughout the year, so no sitting around waiting for some seasonal offer – with Affordable Car Hire, great prices are offered all year round. Their 24 hour Emergency Helpline is available to patrons every single day of the year ensuring assistance whenever help is needed.

Green is the colour of the day and with Affordable Car Hire you can be sure that for every “green” rental made, a tree is planted in the ground. To date, over 140,000 trees have been planted making this company a planet saving and environmentally friendly one. The company’s Price Match Guarantee ensures that you get the best car hire deal around, allowing you to book with pure confidence. Affordable Car Hire is the only car hire principal member associated with ABTA (Association of British Travel Agents).

When looking for a company with integrity, you can be assured that Affordable Car Hire is such a company. Their concept is a simple one, “quality product and quality service, at an affordable price”. Their “on airport” association with premium suppliers provides an all-inclusive product around the globe. The exclusive correlation with Budget Rent A Car within America allows Affordable Car Hire the windfall benefit of offering free additional driver and special young driver’s tariff. A price watch facility has been introduced to ensure that even though high commission levels are provided, the aim is to ensure that prices remain competitive within the marketplace.

When working with Affordable Car Hire, one can be guaranteed that the commitment and enthusiasm received on day one of the partnership will be carried through the entirety of the affiliation. The proof is in the pudding and Affordable Car Hire has earned its honour by being an Award Winning Car Hire Company for 2010. They are the friendly voice at the end of the phone and realize the importance of building relationships.

Algarve Car Booking

Algarve Car Booking

For travellers lucky enough to visit the wonderful Algarve there is only one car rental company to choose. All of a customers car rental needs can be found online at Algarve Car Booking. The website has been online since 1998 and has 12 years experience in the Algarve car hire market.

The company offers a well-run, complete and effective Algarve car hire service for all of its valued customers. Renting a vehicle online will ensure clients have all their time in Portugal dedicated to visiting the Algarve’s miles and miles of picturesque coastline.

In 1993 the company was first established in Albufeira, Algarve. As a regional native, Discovery cars was able to provide its clients with tailor made quality service. Through corporate ownership, the company quickly expanded in the Algarve area, developing working relationships with local tour operators, hotel groups, travel agents and, most importantly, customers.

Aimed at providing great rates and high quality vehicles, the fleet of cars, SUV’s and vans is regularly serviced and carefully cleaned. The five door Mitsubishi Colt is the fleet’s smallest and cheapest car on offer.

The VW Polo is perfect for zipping between the many beaches stationed across the Algarve’s winding roads. The Ford Galaxi is a comprehensive family car with everything that’s needed to accommodate children. The Galaxi comes with air conditioning as standard and affordable rates for families on any budget.

The convertible Renault Megane Cabrio is the perfect car to enjoy the Algarve sun in, while cruising the open road looking for the next serene beach to relax on. The nine seat VW Transporter van is designed specifically to transport bigger parties from place to place as comfortably as possible. Vans often offer a cheaper alternative to large groups of people that are willing to split the price between them.

Customer’s deserve to be looked after and relax on their holiday. That’s why Algarve Car Booking promises to deliver its vehicles to any location completely free of charge. The company also has several parking lots at Faro Airport so clients don’t have to worry about having to take shuttles to a distant office before they get their vehicle. Sign, Pay and Drive is about as complicated as it gets when renting a vehicle from Algarve Car Booking.

Making the reservation and pick-up of its vehicles as easy and as reliable as possible has led to the company enjoying a loyal and satisfied client base for many years.

Joining forces with other companies allows Algarve Car Booking to offer its customers a little more than any other car rental company in the region. The company has partnerships with local doctors to ensure the well being of its customers, camping companies for travellers who prefer the outdoors approach, and foreign language experts who can give crash courses to budding linguists. Taking this widespread approach means Algarve Car Booking is never unable to provide the great service it so prides itself on.


Almira Car Rental

Established in 1996, Almira Car Rental has grown to specialise not just in car rental, but also yachting, flight bookings, hotel and on the group trip planning. However, Almira remains committed to providing car rentals in the key holiday destination around Turkey.

Appealing to holidaymakers, Almira Car Rental sets up with 7 offices around Turkey.

Almira Car Rentals can be found all around Turkey, servicing travellers in all major holiday destinations, from Istanbul to Bodrum, Izmir to Antalya.

The company sets out to provide travellers with the highest quality of service in everything they do. Almira Car Rental constantly strives to improve for customers with each passing year.

Almira Car Rental offers travellers a number of different types of vehicles in their fleet. Travellers can choose from smaller cars to large vans. From business to holiday excursions in Turkey, Almira supplies the vehicle to transport anywhere from one passengers to a dozen.

Almira Car Rental offers pick up locations all around Turkey including Ankara, Istanbul, Izmir, Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris, and Dalaman.

Alpha Car Rental

Alpha Car Rental

Alpha Car Rental, established in the 1990’s by Fits Skinner, is recognized as St Martin’s finest hire car rental service provider, offering excellent service and courtesy to all of its customers.

Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Alpha Car rental offers a vast array of vehicles that cater to the needs of every traveller who comes to St. Martin.

The Caribbean island of St Martin can be explored in a quality vehicle provided by a company that knows the island better than anybody.

St Martin holidaymakers can pick up their Alpha rental car when they touch down or decide to have their vehicle delivered to their exact location. Whatever the travellers’ needs are, Alpha Car Rental promises to offer their services at highly competitive prices.

Alpha enjoys the luxury of an extensive fleet of quality vehicles that offer holidaymakers a variety of options dependant on how they plan to explore St Martin.

Cars and vans are available through Alpha Car Rental, along with SUVs and Jeeps that are perfect for travellers who wish to see St Martin off the beaten track. This is an option many travellers favour considering the island’s rolling hills and stunning off-road scenery.

The Jeep Wrangler and Ford Ranger are two of the best off-road vehicles available in today’s market.

Cars ready for hire include the legendary Ford Mustang, a muscle car only too ready for cruising in style along St Martin’s island roads. The Toyota Camry and Corolla models offer a quieter form of travel. There are many other cars in the Alpha fleet to choose from.

Alpha gives holidaymakers travelling in large groups the chance to rent its van service. The Hyundai H 1 van can also be a great money saver if shared between the group.

Vehicle prices increase in the high rate season between December and April.

The Alpha vehicle fleet is constantly refreshed with new purchases ensuring great quality and, most importantly, a safe ride.

Taking the hassle out of vacationing is vital so every moment of holidaying is as relaxing and fun-filled as it possibly can be. Alpha Car Rental prides itself on giving its customers all of the things they need for an enjoyable holiday.

Any accessories that may make a customer happy are available from Alpha, so the company encourages customers to ask for anything they need.

After over a decade of giving people great car rental service, Alpha Car Rental has all of the tools in its armoury to please tourists visiting the quaint island of St Martin.

Prospective travellers to St Martin can look forward to a wonderful holiday and a pleasant, professional service. The company is located in Simpsonbay, just minutes from the Island’s main airport.

Aluvia Rent-a-car

Aluvia - Car Rental Ltd

Aluvia - Car Rental Ltd., is a Car Rental company that operates in the Portuguese market since 1994, distributed in Oporto, Coimbra, Leiria, Santarem, Lisbon and Setúbal.

The locations of our stations are bets that give the Aluvia leadership in local markets where they are deployed.

Delivering on our network the most recent models of cars all equipped with A/C, between passenger cars and light commercial vehicles passing through the mini-bus 9-seater, with isothermal or refrigeration system (road / garage), automatic, jeeps, pick 4x4-ups, sports, convertibles, open box or containers and vans.

The Aluvia - Car Rental Ltd. Headquarter’s situated in Caldas da Rainha.

The growing number of customers in all these places where it is already established and given the economic growth and development that this group of cities has been recording, led to Aluvia to extend its coverage in these areas of the country, increasing the number of sites and hence the vehicle fleet.

The know-how acquired over more than 20 years of activity and constant renewal of the fleet are some of the strengths of Aluvia and why they continue to be chosen by companies with whom they have seen increasing trade links.

Company Philosophy

The customer is at the epicenter of our attention. The quality of care and service are core values ​​today for any company. The Aluvia want to surprise the customer for personalized service and quality foundation that sustains the growth of a small company practically family.

Therefore, we do not make any concessions in relation to our concept of Quality. Count for it with a competent staff and committed to quality and never at any time, have we lost sight of the principle of meeting the expectations of our customers and our main goal: to meet the specific needs of each of our clients.

The Aluvia bases its quality policy on the following basis: 

  • Training and motivating staff
  • Satisfy the customer
  • Customer loyalty

What are the objectives of the company ?

Aluvia defined its objectives in order to provide a level of excellence in customer service, which will allow the company to achieve the financial results set.

  • Increase operational efficiency - The focus on internal training of its officials constantly, since there are no courses dedicated specifically to the area of ​​rental cars;
  • Improve continuously the quality in delivering our services and products; 
  • Excellence in service to their customers - Meet and exceed customer expectations with new products, packages and promotions. Creating mechanisms more attractive and motivating to customer loyalty;
  • Focus on differentiation by offering innovative solutions to the customer;
  • Invest in new products and fill market niches
  • Maintain a good business relationship with customers, suppliers, media and community

Antena rent a car

Antena Rent A Car

An established brand, Antena Car Rental has grown to be one of the leaders in the car rental industry in Greece. Servicing anyone from holidaymakers to business professionals, Antena Car Rental offers vehicles for hire to fit all tastes and budgets.

Antena Car Rental appeals to travellers looking to rent a car for a long period of time. Backed with a deep knowledge of the car hire market, Antena Car Rental maintains a customer-centric mentality. Travellers looking to use a vehicle for their holiday on the islands or on a business trip to Athens will find Antena Car Rental appeals to a wide range of clients.

Antena Car Rental has a main office right in the heart of Greece’s capital in Athens. However, the company also services a number of locations throughout Greece including Thessaloniki and Crete.

Antena Car Rental is known for its high quality products and services. It aims for all of its customers to have an exciting and comfortable stay while in Greece.

With a fleet of over 2,500 cars, the company provides both new and used vehicles, from economy to luxury vehicles. Antena provides a broad range of vehicles in order to cover a variety of needs and tastes among travelers in Greece.

The average life of a vehicle in the Antena Car Rental fleet is around 12 months, ensuring that customers can always feel safe and secure that they are driving a newer vehicle.

Antena Car Rental offers pick up locations all around Greece including in Northern Greece, Epirus, the Ionian Islands, in central Greece, in the north Aegean, throughout Athens and Attica, the Peloponnese, the Cyclades, the Dodecannese, and on the island of Crete.

Car rental is by far the best way to explore Greece. No other from of transport provides travellers with as much freedom or independence.

Apollo car rentals

Apollo Car Rentals

Apollo Car Rentals is a family-owned business based in Australia, with newly built locations in New Zealand. Since being established in 1985, Apollo Car Rentals has grown into one the largest premier recreational vehicle operators in Australia.

The company currently has several branches in Australia and a further two in neighbouring New Zealand. Despite the company’s extensive growth and success in the car rental business, the renowned personalised service is still there for all to see. Apollo Car Rentals staff are committed to providing excellent service for every client that walks through the company doors.

Apollo Car Rentals’ friendly atmosphere and years of experience allows clients to feel relaxed and sure that they are in the right hands. Stress- free travellers can then begin to enjoy their stay in Australia or New Zealand.

Apollo Car Rentals knows from experience and local knowledge that Australia and New Zealand have some of the most beautiful attractions in the world. From any of Apollo Car Rentals locations, customers can organize a one way car hire from city to city. This gives travellers the opportunity to see more of Australia and New Zealand without having to worry about returning to their original destination.

Clients can choose from four categories when renting an Apollo Car Rentals vehicle, including economy, compact, medium and 4WD. Economy and compact vehicles are the smallest cars in the fleet and the cheapest. Medium sized cars like the Toyota Camry probably the best way to travel the Australian highways linking every big city. 4WD vehicles are a must for travellers wishing to ‘go off the beaten track’ and explore Australia’s dusty outback roads. The company reminds all clients that two-wheeled cars are only to be driven on sealed bitumen roads.

Roadside assistance is provided 24 hours a day along with maps of Australia and New Zealand to clients unfamiliar with the two countries.

Aquarius Rent A Car

Aquarius Rent A Car

Aquarius Rent A Car, Malta - your friendly and reliable car hire company in Malta, offering a selection of well maintained cars for hire at very reasonable prices. 

Hire a car from Aquarius Rent A Car for quality service, peace of mind and an enjoyable care free holiday!

Tour Malta and Gozo in comfort, discover all the hidden charms of the Maltese Islands - Rent a car from Aquarius for total independence, and explore at your own pace... 

Aquarius Rent A Car has been making visitors' holidays that much more complete for many years now, and numerous repeat customers continue to insist on making their car hire arrangements through us.

Aquarius offer economy cars, medium sized and full sized cars, luxury cars, minivans/minibuses and the ever popular Suzuki / Maruti jeeps seating five or eight persons. Malta car hire is affordable, too, with Aquarius Rent A Car. While our service and vehicles are first class, our auto rental rates are distinctly Economy rated!

Arnold Clark

Arnold Clark Car Hire & Van Rental

Arnold Clark Car Hire & Van Rental has over 40 years experience in the industry and is confident in meeting all your vehicle rental needs. Arnold Clark is certain that with its massive fleet and the ability to source vehicles it can find you a rental to suit your exact requirements at extremely affordable prices. For all your personal, corporate or tourism needs look no further than Arnold Clark Car Hire & Van Rental, if the vehicle exists, they will locate it.

Arnold Clark has a multi-franchise fleet and the resources to offer drivers an extensive range of more than 15,000 vehicles. Car hire and vehicle rental options are endless as the fleet consists of compact cars, family cars, executive cars, estate and automatic vehicles, vans, people carriers, minibuses, trucks, flatbeds, 4x4s and more.

Driving instructors and learner drivers even have the opportunity to hire ‘Dual Control’ tuition vehicles at discount hourly rates. Most vehicles are available in both manual and automatic transmission. There is no doubt that Arnold Clark will find a vehicle to suit your specific requirements at reduced rates and if the company does not have the exact vehicle you want, they will find it for you.

Arnold Clark operates one of the UK’s biggest rental fleets, has over 30 branches located in every major Scottish town and city and has extended services throughout Northern England and the Midlands. Insurance, which is usually an additional charge at alternative car hire companies, is included in the prices of all vehicle rentals.

Arnold Clark can offer such exceptionally economical and highly cost effective deals, because their many years of experience in the car hire industry have made it possible for them to form close personal relationships with the manufacturers.

Arnold Clark Car Hire & Van Rental specialises in corporate rental requests and offers packages for all sectors of the business industry. They provide cost-effective fleet solutions specifically tailored to meet each individual client’s requirements. Special packages are available for the film; TV and travel industries and Arnold Clark even provides vans especially equipped to carry cameras.

A full range of commercial vehicles fitted with tow-bars, chevrons, roof racks, etc are available and their specialist service includes supplying unmarked vehicles, so clients can display their own logos and company advertisements on the vehicle.

Arnold Clark also provides vehicles for holidays and tours. There are over 6,000 vehicles on the fleet and Arnold Clark has several years of experience working with independent travel and tour operators within the travel industry. They offer a car hire range with tour operators, as part of an overseas package for customers from abroad.

The British Vehicle Rental and Leasing Association (BVRLA) is a representative body for the UK that maintains and enforces standards across the car hire industry. Arnold Clark is a proud member of this trade association and is dedicated to providing high quality service. Well trained staff aim to provide highly professional and exclusively personal support and are more than capable of assisting you with your rental requirements be it short, medium or long term.

ATESA car hire

ATESA car hire

ATESA (Spanish Tourism Trucking, SA) is currently one of the leading companies in car rental within Spain, and the number 1 in van rental.

A pioneer in the car hire sector in Spain, ATESA began operations in 1949 and later as a public company following its privatization and change of ownership. In 1989 ATESA was acquired by the French group PSA (Peugeot-Citroën Automobile). After sealing the deal in 1998 with U.S. giant ANC, the company adopts the trade name National ATESA.

In February 2012 ATESA was aquired by Enterprise Holdings , the world leader in car rental company with over 70,000 employees and about 8,000 offices around the world. Taking advantage of the many synergies between the two companies, ATESA will  become a stronger and more competitive brand.

Thanks to its structured network of offices, Enterprise ATESA offers coverage virtually all over the country to meet the needs of all its customers. The cpmoany has more than 100 rental desks in airports, railway stations and within both tourism and business hubs in the major cities of the mainland and islands. 

Atesa Enterprise has an extensive fleet of over 25,000 vehicles from different manufacturers designed and segmented to cover all types of customers , and characterized by being modern and increasingly environmentally friendly. In its range of vans, the company is number one.

Atlantic Car Hire

Atlantic Car Hire

What began in 1995 with a fleet of 5 vehicles has grown into a 120-car fleet, backed by a reputation for service and excellence in Cape Town. Atlantic Car Hire services those travelling in the Cape Town area, looking for a medium size car rental company with big service.

A member of Cape Town Tourism, Atlantic Car Hire appeals to travellers heading to South Africa. Coupled with car hiring, Atlantic Car Hire also offers accommodation options, appealing to travellers looking to get the whole package when they travel to Cape Town.

Atlantic Car Hire is located at Cape Town Airport. Just one kilometre away from the airport, Atlantic Car Hire services travellers visiting the South African city, looking to have their transportation covered from the minute they arrive.

The company sets out to please customers with service being their number one priority. From the minute a customer arrives at Cape Town Airport, Atlantic Car Hire aims to make their clients’ journeys hassle free and enjoyable.

Atlantic Car Hire offers travellers a number of vehicles to choose from, ranging from automatics to manual transmissions. From luxury vehicles to economy cars, Atlantic Car Hire covers all types of travellers and what they may be looking for in their car hire.

Atlantic Car Hire and Chauffeur offers a pick up location just one kilometre from the Cape Town Airport. The company meets customers 24 hours a day to pick up and collect their vehicles.

Atlas Car Hire

Atlas Car Hire

An Irish Car Hire company established in 1989, Atlas Car Hire are the leading independent Dublin car rental company in Ireland. With car hire locations at Dublin airport, Dublin city and Shannon airport, their strength as a provider of Irish car rentals in Ireland is their car hire service performed by courteous and dedicated staff who have years of experience in the Irish car rental business. They treat their car hire customers as they would like to be treated themselves, by providing the most competitive way to book car rental in Ireland.

Since then it has built up a deserved reputation as one of the foremost Dublin car rental companies in Ireland.

Atlas has been guided to its success by Gary Curtin the Managing Director and founder of the company and by staff who are dedicated and committed to quality and customer services throughout their Dublin car rental operation. Gary Curtin who has been in the Irish car rental industry since 1973, has just one philosophy, "to treat his clients exactly the same way as he would like to be treated himself."

Atlas have continually re-invested in their Dublin car hire company and can now provide a purpose built car rental facility located along side both the M1 and the M50 motorways. Two of Dublin’s main artery’s, affording easy access for their clients. Atlas have now expanded to Cork and Shannon Airports.

With a modern fleet of vehicles ranging from a group A, small car up to a group G, luxury car rental and staff who are always happy to help. Make a booking with Atlas Car Hire you won’t be disappointed.

AurigaCrown car hire

AurigaCrown Car Hire

A young and burgeoning company, AurigaCrown Car Hire was established in 2006 after two companies in the hire care business decided to merge. The companies, Crown Car Hire and Auriga Car Hire, came together to create Spain’s leading rent a car company.

With an aim of transparency and reliability in order to improve a better service for clients every day, AurigaCrown Car Hire trains its entire staff to be dedicated and focused on providing customers with the best deals possible. The company has 350 multilingual staff members who will go the extra mile to secure the cheapest rates for every client.

AurigaCrown Car Hire’s 40 years of experience in the Spanish car hire market allows the company to offer its knowledge and understanding to help ensure every client has the best holiday they can.

Renting a car is the most efficient way of seeing Spain and Portugal in all of their sunny beauty. Taking the time to see Portugal’s Algarve is made easiest with the rental of one of AurigaCrown Car Hire’s many vehicles. Away from Portugal’s beaches, customers can see every part of Spain’s wonderful cities with the help of a rental car. With their rich history and stunning architecture, Spain’s varied and wonderful cites are something every traveller should experience.

The company reservation department processes up to 2,000 bookings a day in a fast and careful manner that ensures customers can quickly obtain their vehicle and start to enjoy their holiday.

The AurigaCrown Car Hire fleet is made up of more than 18,000 vehicles including over 10 different manufacturers with 40 optional models. Every vehicle in the fleet is under six months old and maintained to the highest quality possible.

The fleet is completely changed every 6 to 10 months so clients are offered the best and newest vehicles at all times. AurigaCrown Car Hire realizes that with new vehicles comes improved safety and happiness for its thousands of loyal clients.

Customers can choose from highly economic vehicles to the most luxurious automobiles on today’s market. Whether it’s enjoying the Spanish sun in a convertible, travelling alongside friends in a minibus or driving with automatic transmission, AurigaCrown Car Hire truly offers it all.

Owning its own modern workshop allows AurigaCrown Car Hire to provide all of its vehicles with quality service guaranteeing customers security and safety.

AurigaCrown Car Hire has 21 locations in Spain and Portugal including airports in Seville, Valencia, Malaga, Alicante, Ibiza, Faro, Portugal and many more. Having such a presence in almost every relevant Spanish city means AurigaCrown Car Hire is always on hand to offer its services wherever customers are.

All inclusive prices, brand new cars and no hidden costs are three things that AurigaCrown offers simply because it believes customers deserve respect and the best deals when visiting Spain.

The company is proud to put forward competitive prices, unbeatable service and high quality vehicles to all of its customers. No other company is Spain has the service network and reliability that AurigaCrown does.

Auto Nation Rent A Car

Auto Nation Rent A Car

Auto Nation Rent A Car offers cheap car hire and car rentals online for those looking to rent a car.

The company has been a leading light in the car rental industry for many years and has established a strong reputations for being the car rental company of choice for holidaymakers and business people.  The company ahs a strong commitment to delivering quality services to all its customers.

The company aims to be the best little car rental firm and encourages employees to bring growth and long term profitability.

The company is striving to receive long-term loyalty from customers by working to deliver more than promised, being honest and fair and doing everything in its power to offer exceptional personalised services that create a pleasant consumer experience.

Auto Nation also offers a meet and greet service at the airport.  It is also possible to pick up and drop off the car at the airport free of charge.

Auto Nation Rent A Car offers 24 hour breakdown assistance and a replacement car in in case of an accident or breakdown as part and parcel of its service.

Renters may also choose to rent a driver for a small additional charge.  Another small additional charge may be added to the bill of those who extend the service.

AutoNation recommends that when renting a car, always inspect the car first with an employee to ensure that there are no existing scratches or dents that you could be charged for.

When picking up your car, you should always ensure that you bring along your rental agreement, your driver’s licence, your credit card and another form of identification. This will minimise the time you spend at the desk.

If necessary, try to make a checklist of everything you need to bring with you before you leave so that you avoid any unnecessary confrontations or hassle when you get to the pick-up counter.